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Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES)

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  1. Who is eligible to take the MCHES Exam?
  2. What are the fees for taking the MCHES examination
  3. What if I'm unsure of my eligibility to take the MCHES exam?
  4. What is the MCHES Exam like?
  5. Is there a study guide for the MCHES Exam?
  6. If I wait to pursue sitting for the MCHES exam until after I have been CHES for 5 years, will I have to submit extra documentation at that time?
  7. Concerning the experience component for non-CHES and CHES with fewer than 5 years active status, does the five years of documented experience as a health education specialist have to be the immediate past five years?
  8. Can a MCHES applicantís health education experience include a part-time position?
  9. Can volunteer experience count towards the five years of documented health education specialist?