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CHES Exam Schedule & Fees

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Dates, times and fees for the upcoming CHES exams:

Applications must be postmarked on or before the deadline dates listed below.

April 25, 2015
Nonstudent Fee *Student Fee
1st Registration Deadline: 11/1/14 thru 12/1/14 $240 $210
2nd Registration Deadline: 12/2/14 thru 1/2/15 $250 $210
3rd Registration Deadline: 1/3/15 thru 2/1/15 $280 $210

Final (Late) Registration:  2/2/15 thru 3/1/15

$330 $265

October 17, 2015 CHES Exam

Nonstudent Fee *Student Fee

1st Registration Deadline:    5/1/15 thru 6/1/15

$240 $210
2nd Registration Deadline: 6/2/15 thru 7/1/15 $250 $210
3rd Registration Deadline: 7/2/15 thru 8/1/15 $280 $210
Final (Late) Registration:  8/2/15 thru 9/1/15 $330 $265

Fees posted include a $100 nonrefundable processing fee for those who do not meet the eligibility requirements.

*Student fee is used if you are a currently taking or enrolled in  9 or more semester credits (12 or more quarter hours) at the time you apply for the exam. (Graduate or Undergraduate)

*Student rates also apply with documentation of your full time status as defined by your institution