Exam Candidate FAQs for the April 2020 Exam Cycle

Updated April 13, 2020


Is the April 16-25, 2020 Exam cancelled?

The April 16-25, 2020 CHES® and MCHES® examination window has been rescheduled. A new test window will run from June 1, 2020 until June 30, 2020. All candidates will be notified through email regarding next steps. There are no charges for rescheduling your exam.

How do I reschedule the June exam?

Candidates will be notified about options to reschedule their exam during the June window. CHES®/MCHES® exam candidates will have the option to test at a Prometric Center with advanced safety measures, OR, by utilizing a new modality: live remote proctoring. If candidates are not successful at scheduling an exam using one of these two methods, they can be transferred to the fall 2020 cycle.  

Can I change the location of my exam?

Yes.  You will be able to make changes to your testing location, at no cost. This change can be made online at your convenience, at

What is NCHEC’s recommendation to current exam candidates?

We understand that candidates may continue to have questions and concerns, and are experiencing uncertainty regarding the upcoming certification examination and the ongoing safety issues raised by this pandemic. NCHEC intends to provide a safe examination opportunity to candidates as swiftly as possible, and to assist candidates through the process to become certified. Obtaining a specialist certification in this time of public health emergency will provide an asset to public health response, emergency preparedness and the welfare of communities and individuals throughout this epidemic and beyond. Credentialed health education specialists will continue to provide an increasing and critical component of public health response, recovery, and education for our nation. Remember that you are uniquely qualified to obtain a specialist certification through years of study and hard work. We strongly encourage our candidates NOT to withdraw from the examination you have spent years of academic preparation to become eligible for.

Can I defer to another exam cycle?

Yes.  For a period of one year, NCHEC will waive the fee for candidates to defer to a different exam cycle, which includes the October 2020 exam, and the April 2021 exam in order to allow candidates to safely sit for the exam when their schedules permit.  We will also relay any additional opportunities for testing before the October 2020 exam administration as they occur.  Contact for information about the deferral process, or review page 10 of our examination handbook at (note deferral fee will be waived). 

I wish to withdraw from my exam. Can I receive a refund of my exam fees?

According to NCHEC policy (see page 10 of the CHES®/MCHES® Exam Handbook), refunds are permitted should the candidate chose to withdraw from the exam, minus a $100 processing fee. Withdraws should be utilized if a candidate has no intention of taking the exam in the future. At this point in time, your exam application has moved through the review and eligibility determination process, and has been  sent on to our testing vendor for scheduling and exam administration.  If you choose to request this refund, please understand that this is considered a full withdraw from the examination.   The processing fee is retained for administrative costs and the full remainder of your exam fee balance can be refunded to the original source of payment. If you decide to take the exam at any time in the future, you will need to pay the entire application fee in full. If you wish to proceed with a withdraw/refund, contact the exam coordinator at to  complete a withdraw form.

Can I take the CHES®/MCHES® exam through live remote proctoring?

At this point in time, the CHES® and MCHES® examinations have received approval to be administered through a live remote proctoring option. More information about this option can be found here. More information regarding live remote procotoring will be made available to all candidates.

What is the best way to contact NCHEC if I have additional questions?

Email is the best method to reach the NCHEC office at this time.  Our organization is operating remotely with standard office hours, and although we are responding to phone messages, email will likely provide the fastest response. It is highly recommended that you do not mail documentation through the USPS to the NCHEC office, but submit all items electronically. Please contact NCHEC if you are unsure about how to do this.

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