Academia & University Health Education

Individuals who hold the CHES® and MCHES® certifications have the versatility and skill sets to practice in many different career settings, across the country and even overseas. Job settings were identified in the 2015 Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) include the following: Community/non-profit, Health Care/Hospitals, Government, School Health, Academia/University, and Business/Worksite.

Certified Health Education Specialists in the academic career sector can hold such job titles as Associate Professor/Professor of Health Education or other Faculty position, Director of Health Promotion, Wellness Program Coordinator, Lecturer, and Health Educator.

Job requirements that may be part of this career setting can include:

  • Supervision of staff
  • Advise/mentor graduate and undergraduate students
  • Teach a variety of health education/promotion classes
  • Strategic planning
  • Lead and serve on university-based committees
  • Outreach
  • Provide resources
  • Health and university policy development

Meet Dr. Nicole Klein


(PhD, MCHES®: Associate Professor of Public Health at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville) 


Dr. Klein became CHES®-certified in 2005, and more recently received the distinction of high-scorer on her MCHES® exam in April of 2016.  Her job duties as a Professor of Public Health include:

  • teaching undergraduate coursework in community health program planning and evaluation 
  • contemporary and controversial issues in health
  • personal health and instructional strategies .

Meet Michael Staufacker 

(MA, MCHES®: Director of Health Management for Emory University in Atlanta, GA) 

Michael became CHES®-certified in 1989 with the “Charter-CHES” distinction, and then became part of the MCHES® EDO for existing CHES® in 2011. His job duties include:

  • Population health management, program operations and program development  implementation and evaluation of population health management programs and strategies
  • Health behavior program planning, implementation & evaluation
  • Strategic internal and external client consultation
  • Business and market analysis, strategic account management
  • product development & product management
  • Collaborative sales support


    Meet Kachina Kudroff 

    (MPH, CHES®: Program Manager at the University of Alabama Birmingham) 

    Kachina became CHES®-certified in October of 2015 and gained the distinction of CHES® High-Scorer for her exam cycle. Her job duties include work at the University’s HIV Clinic include:

  • Coordinate prevention education, outreach, and HIV testing activities.
  • Develop and manage Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Clinic
  • Provide HIV testing and counseling.
  • Train new outreach volunteers to present workshops and provide HIV testing and counseling.
  • Hold Adjunct Faculty position within the School of Education to offer HE 490/691: Peer Education, a course designed to train students to present four different sexual health workshops for the Sexual Health Awareness through Peer Education


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