The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO)

The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO) is a federation of national organizations, each of which is a professional organization or has an organizationally distinct health education unit having principal membership and/or constituents who are professional health education specialists, and has health promotion/health education as a key element of its mission statement.   As of June 2018, membership comprises: American College Health Association (ACHA), American Public Health Association (APHA) – Public Health and Health Promotion (PHEHP) and School Health Education and Services Section (SHES) sections, American School Health Association (ASHA), Eta Sigma Gamm (ESG), the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) and the National Commission for Health (NCHEC).  The CNHEO has been designed to function in a manner that in no way compromises the autonomy or prerogatives of any member organization.

CNHEO has been working diligently to establish a strategic vision among the profession and develop goals and strategies for the profession.  CNHEO representatives convened during the 21st Century meeting  to create a profession wide strategic plan with focus areas that include:

  1. Policy and mandates;
  2. Preparation and professional development;
  3. Credentialing;
  4. Identity and value of health education;
  5. Health education workforce and diversity; and
  6. Research and practice.

Click here to read the full profession-wide strategic plan.

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