CHES and MCHES Video Contest 2019 - New!
  • Deadline: November 15, 2019
  • Prizes:  $100 first prize; $25 runners up (2)
  • Guidelines:  See below

CONTEST THEME: How has CHES® and/or MCHES® changed your professional life?

To help stimulate ideas for your video submission, consider these questions:

  • What type of work do you currently do?
  • What brought you to this type of work? Is it a passion? Is it a personal mission?
  • How does your work impact your community?
  • What do you enjoy about this work and why do you enjoy it?
  • Tell us a short story of how your work has helped/influenced someone (does not need to be lengthy - just something to personify your work further)
  • How did CHES® or MCHES® certification help you get where you are?

2019 Infographic Contest 

Enter NCHEC's 2019 Infographic contest today - there are two categories available:  CHES®/MCHES® or Non-CHES/Student ($100 prizes in both categories!)

Deadline:  December 31st , 2019

Below are the requirements for the infographic submissions:

  • Infographics must be submitted in pdf or jpeg format through email with “Infographic Contest Submission” in the subject line to by December 31st.
  • Include a short written summary of what your infographic accomplishes (body of your email is acceptable)
  • Include any and all references/citations/sources used in your infographic
  • Sign an agreement stating NCHEC owns the copyright, can publish the infographic on its Web site and/or social media outlets, and use in future outreach strategies
  • One entry per individual
  • All entries must be orginal work created by the entrant; images must have copyright permission/use permission
  • Entries must be submitted by the December 31st deadline
To help stimulate ideas, consider these themes/ideas (not required):
  • Steps to Becoming CHES® or MCHES® Certified
  • Why I Chose CHES® or MCHES® Certification
  • What Being CHES® or MCHES® Means to Me
  • How I Prepared for My CHES® or MCHES® Exam – and Passed!
  • Ways for CHES®/MCHES® to Network
  • How I Found my CHES® or MCHES® Job Opportunity!
Student Category (non-certified) theme/idea suggestions:
  • Why I Want to Become CHES® or MCHES® certified
  • How CHES® or MCHES® certification can help during a job interview
  • My career strategy (include CHES® or MCHES® certification)

Useful tools:

Free infographic creator: or Piktochart

Royalty-free images:

Contact Jess Wessner at with any questions

2019 Service & Leadership Award


Do you: 

  • initiate programs that produce a community-wide or state/national impact?
  • promote the CHES® or MCHES® credential within your organization?
  • advance the profession of health education/promotion?

2018 Leadership Award Winner: Angela Stander, CHES®Does your organization:

  • value the certification of CHES® and MCHES® on staff?
  • implement programs or policies that promote the role of certified health education specialists?
  • use the professional knowledge of CHES® or MCHES® to implement programs benefiting the health and welfare of communities/popluations?
  • support the continuing competency/education of staff?  

NCHEC has developed the Outstanding Service and Leadership Award program to recognize CHES® and MCHES® certified individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the health education profession. Organizations employing CHES® and/or MCHES® certified individuals to promote and advance the profession are also eligible to apply for the award.

2018 Leadership Award Winner:  Shasta Community Health CenterIndividuals applying for the award must hold current active or retired CHES® or MCHES® certifications at the time of application and remain in active or retired status through March of 2020.  There will be two indiviudal categories for this award:  Emerging Profession (<5 years) or Establish Professional (>5 years).

Organizations applying can include, but are not limited to, state and local health departments, insurance companies, hospitals and health care providers, universities and/or schools. The person applying from the organization does not need be a CHES®/MCHES®, but the organization must have CHES® and/or MCHES® on staff.

The winning applicant will receive recognition by NCHEC, a commemorative plaque displaying the distinction, as well as a feature in NCHEC’s print bulletin, press releases, and social media sites.


Email video submission link and transcript to
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