Health Department Resources

Resources for Public Health Departments

 CHES® and MCHES® are qualified to:
  • Assess needs of communities to plan, implement, and evaluate programs for enhancing overall population health;
  • Influence health policy and environmental changes to improve the health status of communities; and
  • Serve as a resource person for health education/health and promotion activities.

PHAB Crosswalk

There is a strong interplay between the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Domains and Health Education Specialist Competencies. CHES® and MCHES® are well positioned to assist in the work of Public Health Department Accreditation and have the knowledge and skills to lead this effort.

Click here to read the full document outlining the similarities between PHAB Domains and Health Education Competencies.

Accreditation Coordinator Profile

Public Health Departments across the country are now seeking accreditation to advance quality and performance within their departments. Many CHES® and MCHES® have been appointed as Accreditation Coordinators to lead this process for state and local health departments across the country.

Click here to read the full document outlining ways in which CHES®/MCHES® can assist with Public Health Department Accreditation efforts.

“The skills and knowledge I have gained through the years has played a significant role in my responsibilities as the health department’s Accreditation Coordinator and to the quality of services provided. I feel NCHEC’s defined competencies for planning, assessing, developing, implementing and evaluating health education information clearly aligns with the PHAB Standards and Measures that allows for a continual improvement of our department.” Tracy Storms Mazzucco, MS, CHES® – Sussex County Accreditation Coordinator


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