Live Remote Proctoring

Due to the circumstances and testing difficulties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, NCHEC has received permission by our accrediting body NCCA to make available to our candidates Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) as a testing option for candidates. NCHEC intends to continue to offer our examinations to candidates via live remote proctoring provided that the accrediting body, NCCA, continues to approve this alternative testing modality.

Live Remote Proctoring Overview

Live Remote Proctoring through PSI's remote assessment platform, known as PSI Bridge, gives candidates 24/7 access, allowing them to test from home with an internet-enabled location, where they must provide a computer with Google Chrome, a camera, microphone, and an internet connection. It is an easy-to-use platform, and allows the same standard security procedures as implemented in PSI's global test center network. PSI Bridge is both Windows and macOS compatible. PSI includes: 

  • 100% live-monitoring
  • Comprehensive 360-degree environmental readiness checks
  • Live security agents 
  • Proactive protocols (i.e. device checks)

CLICK HERE to review the PSI Guide Online Proctoring to learn more about Online Proctoring and the regulations regarding your testing environment.

Technology Requirements for LRP

Candidates interested in testing using the LRP platform must first perform a technology and environment check, using PSI's utility tool called the Online Proctoring System Check.  This tool provides verification that the test taker meets the minimum specifications of:

Click here to take PSI's System Readiness Check.

If candidates do not pass the systems check before scheduling a live remote proctored exam, they must take their exam at a Prometric Test Center

Click here to access A Guide to Online Proctoring


Frequently Asked Questions for Live Remote Proctoring (LRP)

Where can I take my LRP test?

You can test at home, or at a secured, private location. Wherever you test, you should be in a walled room, with a closed door, and without distractions. No one else is permitted in the room with you while you are testing.

Will it cost me more to test using Live Remote Proctoring?

There are no additional fees with Live Remote Proctoring.

What environment is suitable for testing?

Wherever you choose to test, you will need to meet the following testing environment requirements:

  • The testing location must be indoors (walled), well-lit, and free from background noise and disruptions.
  • No third party may be present in the room or enter the room for the duration of the exam. If this occurs, your exam will be terminated and/or your results invalidated.
  • Your selected station and surrounding area must be free of pens, paper, electronic devices, etc.  Note:  This will be part of your room environmental scan.
  • No content that could potentially provide an unfair advantage during your exam, including what is posted on walls or within your immediate area, is permitted during your exam session.
  • Your proctor will complete a 360-degree environmental scan to confirm your testing environment is suitable before the test begins: refer to the Tips for Environment and Lighting for details on this process. 

How do I schedule my LRP exam?

Follow the steps provided to you in your Authorization To Test (ATT) email that you received from NCHEC. You will be able to select the Online Proctoring option during the scheduling process.

What happens after I Schedule a LRP exam?

Test takers will receive an email from PSI confirming their exam appointment day/time whether testing at a PSI location or testing under LRP.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to confirm the correct date and time of the scheduled exam appointment.

What if my system is not compatible with LRP?

Test takers will be directed to test at a physical PSI location.  In the event you are unable to schedule your exam, you will be transferred to the next test administration. Please contact NCHEC if you have any difficulty scheduling your exam.  Please CLICK HERE to check for system compatibility.

What are the requirements for Testing Accommodations under LRP?

Testing accommodations must be approved in advance by PSI by Submitting an Accommodation Request.  Eligible candidates may NOT schedule a test time/location through PSI until all accommodations documents have been submitted.

All requests for testing accommodations must be received a minimum of 15 days before you would like to test. PSI will then reach out to schedule your exam appointment and request any additional documentation that may be needed for your approved accommodations.

What type of identification will I be required to present?

All exam candidates will be required to provide proof of identity with an unexpired original government-issued photo ID with a signature, such as a driver’s license,a passport.  Military ID is only accepted with in-person testing. The first and last name and photo on the primary ID must exactly match the name on the candidate’s Authorization to Test (ATT) notice. 

How do I avoid technical problems during the exam?

Most technical issues can be avoided by completing an Online Proctoring System Check in advance. Common technical issues are lack of a stable internet connection and running illegal applications during the exam, both of which the system test can indicate. It is STRONGLY recommended test takers perform an Online Proctoring System check prior to deciding on the live remote proctoring option. If internet connectivity is lost during testing, the exam will terminate and cannot be restarted. Access A Guide to Online Proctoring

Can I receive any assistance during the exam?

You are permitted to ask questions of the proctor that are not exam content-related. You may not receive any assistance from other individuals while taking the exam, and you may not allow other individuals to see the computer screen that presents the exam questions. Security violations could result in the termination of your exam. 

How are security issues handled during Online testing?

Should a suspected breach in security be determined to have occurred, the PSI proctor staff holds the authority to terminate the exams. 


Please watch the video below for an overview of the online proctor experience. 

Online Proctor Experience

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