MCHES Recertification

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Continuing Education Requirements for MCHES®

After initial certification, each MCHES® must earn a total of 75 continuing education contact hours (CECH) every five years to be recertified.

At least 45 of these CECH must come from offerings by NCHEC preapproved Designated Providers (Category I); the remaining 30 CECH may come from other providers (Category II) and reported using the CAT II claim form. 5 of the total of 75 credits must fulfill the Continuing Competency Requirement effective April 1, 2019.

In addition MCHES® are required to earn 30 CECH that are directly related to the advanced-level Sub-competencies from Category I and/or II for each certification cycle. All of the advanced-level CECH can be from CAT II.


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You can download the CAT II Claim Form click here (writable pdf)

MCHES who have accumulated in excess of 75 CECH at the end of their current five-year certification cycle may carry over a maximum of 15 Category I CECH into their next five-year certification cycle, however, the CECH (entry or advanced) will carry over as entry-level credits only.

Please Note (for prior CHES® who have just become MCHES®):  Continuing education credits earned previously as a CHES® do not carry over; however if you earned more than 75 credits in your CHES® cycle, a maximum of 15 credits are eligible to be carried over into the MCHES® certification cycle. The philosophy behind the policy is that continuing education toward recertification needs to be part of the ongoing commitment to professional development, not something done in the past. This becomes especially important as the Responsibilities, Competencies and Sub-competencies that are the basis of the certification and the continuing education requirement for recertification are updated every 5 years. The 75 credits must be earned within the current 5 year period and also at least 30 of them must be in the advanced level.


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