NCHEC Leadership

Board of Commissioners

2019 Executive Officers
  • Kathleen Allison, PhD, MPH, MCHES® (Chair, DBCHES Coordinator)
  • Ronenia Jenkins, MPH, CWPC, CHES® (Vice-chair, At-large Commissioner)
  • Kadi Bliss, PhD, CHES® (Secretary, DBPPP Vice-coordinator)
  • William Potts-Datema, DrPH, MS, MCHES® (Treasure, At-large Commissioner)
  • Kerry Redican, PhD, MPH, CHES® (Immediate Past Chair)
2019 Commissioners
  • Kathleen Allison, PhD, MPH, MCHES® (DBCHES Coordinator)
  • Shontelle Dixon, MPH, CHES® (DBPD Coordinator)
  • Kerry Redican, PhD, MPH, CHES® (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Eric Hagen, Ed.D (Public Member)
  • Ronenia Jenkins, MPH, CWPC, CHES® (At-large Commissioner)
  • Bill Potts-Datema, DrPH(c), MS, MCHES® (At-large Commissioner)
  • Carolyn Rodgers, PhD, MCHES® (DBPPP Vice-coordinator)
  • Jill Clutter, PhD, MCHES® (DBCHES Vice-coordinator)
  • Anna Torrens-Armstrong (At-large Commissioner)
  • Davondra Brown, M.Ed., MCHES® (DBPD Vice-chair)
  • Kathy Janes Jinkins, BSN, M.Ed, MCHES® (At-large Commissioner)
  • Kadi Bliss, PhD, CHES® (DBPPP Vice-coordinator)

2019 Division Board for Certification of Health Education Specialists
  • Kathleen Allison, PhD, MPH, MCHES® (Coordinator)
  • Jill Clutter, PhD, MCHES® (Vice-coordinator)
  • Theresa Blanco, MEd, MCHES®
  • Melody Knight, PhD, RN, MCHES®
  • Ninfa Pena-Purcell, PhD, MCHES®
  • Dianne Kerr, MA, MEd, PhD, MCHES® 
  • Marietta Orlowski, PhD, MCHES®, CPH
  • Darlene Saunders, PhD, MPH, MCHES®
  • Cherylee Sherry, MPH, MCHES®
  • Amy Hedman-Robertson, PhD, MCHES®
  • Moya Brown-Lopez, MPH, MCHES®

2019 Division Board for Professional Preparation and Practice
  • Carolyn Rodgers, PhD, MCHES® (Coordinator)
  • Kadi Bliss, PhD, CHES® (Vice-coordinator)
  • Dawn Bleyenburg, MS, MCHES®
  • Kelly Miller, PhD, MPH, CHES®
  • Jennifer Taylor, DHEd, MPH, MCHES®
  • Cynthia Karlsson, MPH, MS, CHES®
  • Tilicia Mayo-Gamble, PhD, MPH, CHES®

2019 Division Board for Professional Development
  • Shontelle Dixon, MPH, CHES®(Coordinator)
  • Davondra Brown, M.Ed., MCHES® (Vice-coordinator) 
  • Liliana Hernandez, MPH, MPA, CHES®, CWC
  • Karen Stewart, MPH, MCHES®, CIC
  • Keyonda Smith, PhD, CHES®
  • Brittany Chambers, MPH, MCHES®
  • Kirsten Rodgers, Ed.D, MSPH, MCHES®
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