Clear Fitler

The Importance of Conducting Research on the Work of CHES® and MCHES® to Help Advocate for the Profession

Guest blog written by Alexis Blavos, PhD, MCHES® As a research team, Jodi Brookins-Fisher, Heidi Hancher-Rauch, Amy Thompson, and I (Alexis Blavos) are using our advocacy and research skills to support certification requirements for health education specialists. There are so many reasons why this work is important, and in Dr. Brookins-Fisher’s words, “our career defining is the most important work.” First, we must ensure that anyone who does the work of a health e... Read More
Posted by Tanya Cole at 13 June 2022

Tips to develop University policies to offer the CHES® exam as an option for graduation or degree comprehensive exam

Guest blog written by: Beth H. Chaney, PhD, MCHES®, The University of Alabama       Many degree programs at four-year institutions/universities require an examination of students’ knowledge of their field of study, before awarding the degree. This can be done in the form of a capstone/culminating experience to showcase the students’ competency in specified field areas, or oftentimes, graduate programs administer a comprehensive exam that is a test of the stud... Read More
Posted by Tanya Cole at 08 June 2022

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