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Live Remote Proctoring Versus Test Centers for the CHES® Exam: Which is Right for You?

The CHES® and MCHES® certification exams are administered twice a year by a global organization, known as Prometric, which specializes in administering a computer-based secure and uniform testing process. Up until 2020, the only option for testing was to travel to a specific Prometric brick-and-mortar test center location. Once the COVID-19 pandemic entered the picture, NCHEC saw the need for providing a safe alternative to test from the comfort of home, and Live Remote Proctoring bec... Read More

What’s in an Advisor Letter? A Guide for Students taking the CHES® Exam

What should my advisor letter include? If you are registering for the CHES® examination as a full-time student, an advisor letter must be submitted at some point during the application process. Although the advisor letter is not necessary at the time of payment, it must be acquired and uploaded/mailed/emailed before the exam final deadline. What should my advisor letter include? The goal of an advisor letter is to demonstrate: That the applicant is enrolled in 9 or more credi... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 24 May 2021

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