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Spotlight on COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Tapati Dutta, MCHES®, Fort Lewis College

Tapati Dutta, PhD, MCHES®, is an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Fort Lewis College (FLC) is a Native American-serving Non-Tribal institution and lies within the Rocky Mountain Region. FLC’s students are from rural and reservation areas representing diverse population groups. What is your area of expertise?  My taught courses cover the intersecting areas of global health disparities, health systems and policies, community healt... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 10 November 2020

Employer Spotlight: PreventionFIRST! Addresses Substance Abuse

Founded in 1996, PreventionFIRST! (formerly known as the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati), was instituted as a comprehensive effort to address youth substance abuse.  The organization serves the population of the tristate region where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky converge. The organization’s mission encompasses the promotion of healthy behaviors through sparking and sustaining community change. PreventionFIRST! places a high value on staff members that hold the CHE... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 22 July 2020

Spotlight on COVID-19: An Interview with Shawn T. Moore, CHES®

"COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity for health education. Now more than ever, people are aware of the need for preventative health and wellness. From the individual perspective to emergency health preparedness… this opportunity will allow for health educators to gain public trust and will fuel community efforts for positive change."   NCHEC: What is your current job title and where do you work? Shawn: I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, and I own a welln... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 16 June 2020

Spotlight on COVID-19: An Interview with Saharra Dixon, MA, CHES®

My name is Saharra Dixon and I am a CHES® and Community-engaged Theatre Artist. As a Health Educator, my main area of practice is using the arts in health and theatre to promote health education. I received my BS in Health Behavior Science and Public Health from University of Delaware and my MA in Applied Theatre from NYU. Currently, I also work as a Sexual Health Educator at CAMBA, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY and I recently picked up some part-time work as a Lead Investigation Specialist with t... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 05 June 2020

Community Health Improvement Week 2017 - Profiles

It’s #CHIweek! From June 4 – 10, 2017 we will nationally celebrate the value of community health professionals for their dedication to passionately improving the health of the communities that they serve. The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing would like to recognize our CHES® and MCHES®-certified individuals practicing in the field of community and population health.  These certifications are essential tools in effective community benefits program... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 01 June 2017

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