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Employer Spotlight: PreventionFIRST! Addresses Substance Abuse

Founded in 1996, PreventionFIRST! (formerly known as the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati), was instituted as a comprehensive effort to address youth substance abuse.  The organization serves the population of the tristate region where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky converge. The organization’s mission encompasses the promotion of healthy behaviors through sparking and sustaining community change. PreventionFIRST! places a high value on staff members that hold the CHE... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 22 July 2020

Spotlight on COVID-19: An Interview with Shawn T. Moore, CHESĀ®

"COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity for health education. Now more than ever, people are aware of the need for preventative health and wellness. From the individual perspective to emergency health preparedness… this opportunity will allow for health educators to gain public trust and will fuel community efforts for positive change."   NCHEC: What is your current job title and where do you work? Shawn: I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, and I own a welln... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 16 June 2020

Employer Guest Spotlight: Army Wellness Centers

Written by: Todd Hoover, EP-C, CHES® | Division Chief, Army Wellness Center Operations, Army Public Health Center   The Army Wellness Center (AWC) program was established to provide an effective and evidenced based delivery platform for enhancing the health and wellness of the population.   Every AWC team member is highly trained and proficient in health coaching, physical fitness improvement, behavior modification, and health education delivery.  The entire AWC... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 27 August 2019

EMPLOYER SPOTLIGHT: GatorWell Health Promotion Services

Since its inception in 1972 GatorWell has applied health promotion strategies to educate University of Florida students on health and wellness topics relevant to the college experience. The driving mission is to empower students to be both healthy and well through prevention with the assistance of a talented team of Health Promotion Specialists. GatorWell is a strong supporter of hiring staff with a CHES® or MCHES® certification behind their name, and currently has five CHES®-cert... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 03 May 2019

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