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Health Education Careers: An Interview with Janesia Robbs, MCHES®

In celebration of National Health Education Week, we are interviewing four accomplished CHES® and MCHES® in varying career sectors across the country.  Today, we are chatting with Janesia Robbs, MPH, MCHES®, a Health Communication Specialist on the Communication and Public Engagement team at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NCHEC: How did you become a Health Communication Specialist? Janesia: I attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and studied h... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 17 October 2019

Celebrate National Health Education Week with Us!

National Health Education Week is Monday October 21 –  Friday October 25, 2019   We want to celebrate health education with you! Join us in promoting the critical role that health education specialists play in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and schools through health education and promotion. Every day we will feature profiles of CHES® and MCHES® working hard within many different settings to promote health and wellness... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 03 October 2019

How Does CHES® or MCHES® Certification Impact Your Professional Life?

At the SOPHE Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this spring, we had the opportunity to interview 11 CHES® and MCHES® about their careers and how certification has helped in their professional roles as health education specialists in varied sectors. Please take a moment to watch how they have made an impact in the profession of Health Education and Promotion!             Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 29 April 2019

Careers in Health Education and Promotion

One of the most exciting aspects about a career in the health education and promotion field is the wide range of job settings from which a health education specialists can choose employment. Although the term "specialist" may appear to imply a niche skill, quite the opposite is true! CHES® and MCHES® are equipped to handle a wide variety of positions and possess many skillsets that allow for versality in the workplace. Job settings for health education specialists that were... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 05 October 2017

Passion as a Practice: Why Health Education is My First Choice

Time and time again my colleagues want to know what steered me to take the CHES® exam, wondering how this certification has impacted abilities within my career and where I think it will lead me. The answer is this: every facet of my skillset, efficacy of practice and individual potential are strengthened because of continued education. To maintain CHES® certification I know I must accumulate Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH), however I believe this requirement stands for somet... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 19 July 2017

CHES® Profile: Ashley Monson

Ashley Monson, BS, CHES®, currently works as an Association Director and Project Manager for medical and health membership associations in Wisconsin. Her work involves the use of all seven Areas of Responsibility. Ashley works with her clients to access membership needs and capacities. From there she works with them to plan and implement those priorities for the year. Throughout the process, Ashley uses process, impact and outcome evaluation measures to track progress. Ashley is often cal... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 11 July 2017

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