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Certification Spotlight: An Interview with Colleen Hendon, MPH, CHESĀ®

The following interview is part of a new series to highlight the remarkable work efforts of our credential-holders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Name: Colleen Hendon, MPH CHES® Job Title: Program Manager Years’ Experience: 7 Career Sector: School Health/College Health “Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important- in particular for adults who work with youth- to be able to recognize mental health challenges and know how to respond.” ~C... Read More

COVID-19 Spotlight: An Interview with Career and Life Coach: Kyle Elliot, MPA, CHESĀ®

CHES® Career Profile: Career and Life Coach Have you ever struggled to feel as though you know which direction to take regarding life choices? Are you feeling discontent in your current career or attempting to determine which career path you would like to take? Working with a life coach or career coach can provide you with the support, guidance, and direction you need to take the next step.  Career and life coaches are an essential component of the health education workforce, and c... Read More
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 08 June 2020

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