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2021 Infographic Contest: Winners Announced!

Communication is an essential part of health education and promotion, and has recently become a standalone Area of Responsibility according to the very latest national job analysis study for the profession. Infographics can bring topics that may be difficult to grasp into focus, or they can summarize a complex process in a visual format that is easier for individuals to comprehend. Infographics are now a very important tool utilized by many practicing Health Education Specialists in expanding health literacy within our families and communities.
NCHEC’s yearly contest gives our CHES® (and aspiring CHES®) an opportunity to display their creative talents.  NCHEC’s Marketing Committee, which both sponsors and judges the annual contest, has announced the winners of the 2021 Infographic Contest. Entries in two categories; Certified and Non-certified (Student), were judged based on whether the design was compelling and sharable, clearly communicated an idea or concept, cited accurate resources, and whether the infographic would be of value to certified individuals, or those considering certification in the future. 
With 26 entries, the 2021 contest was once again a resounding success. Winners will receive Amazon Gift Cards, with the 1st place winners each taking away a $100 prize.  Here is the recently released list of winning entries:
Certified Category (active CHES® and MCHES®)

1st Place:  Brandi Vogt, CHES®, Huntley, Illinois

2nd Place: Alina King, CHES®, Sacramento, California

Runners Up:  Sierra Elston, CHES®, Oxford, Mississippi; and Krista Reale, CHES®, Hamilton, New Jersey

Student or Non-certified Category

1st Place: Jamie Zeldman, Student, University of Florida

2nd Place: Sharon Buchman, Student, University of Mississippi

Runner Up: Maria Chavez, Student, Phoenix, Arizona

Brandi Vogt’s winning entry in the CHES® category was intended to highlight key roles of CHES® and MCHES® professionals in the area of Advocacy, including collaboration, assessment, education, and inspiration. “These roles have helped me in beginning my own personal and professional advocacy in grassroots organizing and non-profit work,” said Brandi about her infographic topic.

See Brandi’s entry below:

Jamie Zeldman’s winning entry in the Student/Non-CHES category was created with the intention to empower students to begin applying CHES® principles throughout his/her program of study. “While on the path to become a health specialist, there are still various opportunities to get involved and begin practicing skills that a health specialist will utilize,” said Jamie. “When considering the Eight Areas of Responsibilities, there are direct actions that a student can take to begin gaining experience in these areas.”

See Jamie’s entry below:

Expect to see all the winning entries highlighted on NCHEC’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages in the weeks to come!

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