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8th Edition Companion Guide eBook is Now Available for Purchase

For those who prefer e-reading over the traditional printed textbook, the wait for the new 8th Edition of the Companion Guide for Health Education Specialists eBook is over.  The new format features a clickable table of contents, highlighting, variable text size, and the ability to take a full-length practice examination. 

"We recommend that you utilize the Thorium Reader application that is available for download through Microsoft to open and view your e-book," said NCHEC's Deputy Executive Director Melissa Opp, MPH, MCHES®. Thorium Reader is a free, open source multi-language EPUB reader for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. It's privacy aware and highly accessible for visually impaired and dyslexic individuals. This application is free, with no ads and no leaks of private data.

"We feel that the new eBook has many improvements over the previous 2015 edition," said Opp. "We utilized the feedback from our test-takers when deciding on the new format. People wanted accessibility, and they wanted the freedom from having to use an Adobe-based platform."

The ebook is available for purchase in NCHEC's bookstore, and is priced at $65, which is about a 7 percent discount from the print version.


Below is a guide to determine which version of the Companion Guide you need to assist with preparation for upcoming CHES® and MCHES® examinations.


If you are testing in April 2022:
If you are testing in October 2022:

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