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Careers in Health Education and Promotion

One of the most exciting aspects about a career in the health education and promotion field is the wide range of job settings from which a health education specialists can choose employment. Although the term "specialist" may appear to imply a niche skill, quite the opposite is true! CHES® and MCHES® are equipped to handle a wide variety of positions and possess many skillsets that allow for versality in the workplace.

Job settings for health education specialists that were identified in the 2015 Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) include the following: Community/non-profit, Health Care/Hospitals, Government, School Health, Academia/University, and Business/Worksite.

Companies that Hire CHES® and MCHES®

Employers in all settings across the nation are recognizing the value of CHES® and MCHES® certification - and they are hiring staff because of it! For a list of employers who prefer or require applicants to be certified, click here.  If you don't see your company here, let us know.... if they prefer certified individuals for new positions, email us and get on the list.**

**This list gathered from employers posting job opportunities online that require/prefer the CHES® credential. It is not an exhaustive list.


What are employers saying about the CHES® and MCHES® certifications?

We thought you would want to know what employers think about the importance of NCHEC certification to their organizations:

"CHES® is the gold standard that is recognized across the board."
     ~A. Jonson, Kaiser Permanente
”Montefiore Health System has required the CHES credential for its health education positions since 2006. The credential has served as a means of highlighting talented individuals with a broad understanding of the health education profession and its application within the diverse communities that we serve as an academic medical center.”
     ~Dr. Nicole Harris-Hollingsworth, Assistant Vice President, Community & Population Health
"We find that CHES® prepared educators are well-rounded and they bring a different perspective to prgram design and information delivery. In the health education space, this is an important credential that we value."

     ~Terrina Thomas, Director of Community Health and Prevention, Sentara Healthcare

Find more testimonails from employers here.

Job Search Tools

Don't forget to try out our for the latest CHES-preferred job listings.  We also recommend - don't forget to use CHES as a keyword!

Interview Techniques

Looking for ways to stand out among other candidates? Your CHES® or MCHES® certification can give you an edge over your competition, but do you know how to maximize your certification in order to snag the position?  Check out our graphic Ways to Market your CHES® Certification for inspiration and ideas.
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