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Helen P. Cleary Scholarship Application for Students Seeking CHES® Credential

The Helen P. Cleary Scholarship was Insituted to Assist Students with Demonstrated Financial Need and a Passion for Health Education and Promotion

A  scholarship opportunity for students seeking degrees in the field of Health Education and Promotion is again available.  The Helen P. Cleary Scholarship is designed to assist full-time undergraduate or graduate students with the fees associated with the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) examination. Students must demonstrate both financial need and a passion for their chosen field of Health Education and Promotion during their academic careers. NCHEC is sponsoring this scholarship opportunity, and the awards process will be administered by the Society for Public Health Education, Inc. (SOPHE).

“In memory of our founding Health Education Specialist, Dr. Helen P. Cleary, we wanted to create an opportunity for students’ with proven financial need and who are passionate about their chosen career field to receive assistance in sitting for the CHES® examination,” said Linda Lysoby, Executive Director of NCHEC.  Up to six scholarships a year will be awarded by NCHEC to eligible scholarship applicants. Scholarships will include reimbursement for exam fees and study materials for the CHES® examination.   

The award process for the Helen P. Cleary Scholarship applicants will be administered by the SOPHE Awards Committee. Applicants must prove eligibility for the CHES® examination, have demonstrated accomplishments or service in the field of Health Education and Promotion during their academic studies, and submit a proven need for financial assistance.  Scholarship applications will be accepted during a window two times a year, in April and again in September, through an application portal on the SOPHE website at

Dr. Helen P. Cleary was the driving force behind the establishment of NCHEC in 1989 and received the very first CHES® credential (CHES #1) due to the importance of her role in spearheading CHES® certification. According to Alyson Taub, EdD, MCHES®, and the first Executive Director of NCHEC, “Dr. Cleary always strived for excellence in her own work and expected nothing less from those working with her. I was inspired by her passion for the profession, and her mission to promote the practice of health educators. I value the time I was able to share with her.”

The first administration of the Helen P. Cleary Scholarship was completed in April of 2019. View scholarship recipients here.

For more information about the Helen P. Cleary Scholarship, please visit, or

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