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Guide to Liability Insurance for Certified Health Education Specialists

The need for liability insurance for health-related professions has become a topic of importance in recent years. Often, the thought leaves more questions than answers for many certified individuals embarking on the road to self-employment and/or professional consulting. You may be wondering, do you really need liability insurance if you’re a certified health education specialist? Here’s what you need to know. 

Liability Insurance FAQs

While credentialing for health education specialists certainly offers more training that equips professionals to make informed decisions regarding patient care and consultation, many health education specialists do have some degree of control over what types of programs to offer and the services available to patients through these programs. 

Furthermore, health education specialists may also be working to craft the messaging for these programs and services, a task which requires a significant amount of responsibility to ensure accurate, helpful information is presented in the most reliable way possible.

Do health education specialists need liability insurance?

Health education specialists may work in a variety of fields, and whether or not you should consider liability insurance will depend on a number of factors. Consider the following:

  • Do you work in a public or private sector? Some public or private entities may already offer liability insurance to health education specialist employees. However, if you own your own practice or are not covered by an employer policy, it is ideal to have liability insurance. 
  • How much interaction do you have with patients and providers? Some health education specialists may have no interaction at all with patients and providers, while others may work in a capacity which includes frequent interactions with those seeking medical care. If you work in an environment where your work can have a direct impact on the health and wellness of individuals, or if you are working closely with providers who are creating treatment plans, liability insurance is ideal. 
  • Which state do you live in? Some states may require health education specialists to obtain liability insurance if they are an owner or operator of a private practice or work closely with those who are. 

What should a liability insurance policy cover? 

The right liability insurance policy should offer financial and legal protection against claims of malpractice. Be sure the policy offers both financial protection and the right to legal representation without additional costs. 

How much does liability insurance cost? 

The average cost of a liability insurance policy varies from industry to industry. The risks attributed to each health care professional differ from one practitioner to another as well as from state to state, and these will determine the rate of the premium. A carrier should help you look at your job duties and the risks involved to determine the best level of coverage. 



Table 1. Potential Liability Providers for Health Professionals




Alternative Balance

Health and Wellness Professionals

Trust Risk Management Services

Mental Health Professionals

Lockton Affinity Health

Medical and Wellness Practitioners and Professionals

CM & F Group

Allied Health Professionals and Businesses


Allied Health Professionals and Businesses


Healthcare Business

CPH & Associates

Wellness and Fitness Professionals


Health and Wellness Professionals


Nurses and Healthcare Individuals


**NCHEC does not endorse any particular insurance company, including those listed in Table 1. This information is supplied for resource purposes only.

Liability Insurance for Health Education Specialists

Joanna Hayden, PhD, CHES®, is the founder of Associates for Health, a health consulting firm, and teaches/guides clients through all aspects of health decisions. When asked about self-employed practitioners in regard to insurance, Joanna responded, “Anyone going into private practice needs liability insurance. It's a fact of life and part of the cost of having your own business.” She has found the liability group Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) to be accessible online, quick and easy, with an annual cost of about $360.

In summary, if a CHES® or MCHES® is looking into private practice, liability insurance should be considered. A professional certification should be protected to the same degree as a home or car. It should be regarded as a career investment and protection for future income and security.

Certification for Health Education Specialists 

While liability insurance and responsible health practices are the most pertinent ways to protect against malpractice claims, credentialing for health education specialists can also help ensure that healthcare professionals are equipped to service their communities well. 


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