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2020 Infographic Contest Winners Announced

Communication is a critical component of health education and public health, and what better way to impart an idea or process than a beautifully designed visual message. Infographics can bring to life topics that may be difficult to grasp, or summarize a complex process in a way that is both practical and easy to digest. Infographics have quickly become an essential health communication tool in every health education specialist’s toolbox! NCHEC’s yearly Infographic Contest gives our CHES® (and aspiring CHES®) an opportunity to showcase their unique and creative talents.

The results of the third annual Infographic Contest have recently been announced by NCHEC’s Marketing Committee, who sponsors and judges the yearly contest. Entries in two categories; Certified and Non-certified (Student), were judged based on whether the design was compelling and sharable, clearly communicated an idea or concept, and on whether the infographic would be of value to certified individuals, or those considering certification in the future. 

With over 30 entries, the 2020 contest was a resounding success. Take a look at the list of winning entries below:

Certified Category (active CHES® and MCHES®)

1st Place:  Alicia Carranza, MCHES®, California

2nd Place (Tie): Amanda Accordino, CHES®, Ohio; and Molly Bieber, CHES®, Wisconsin

Runner's Up:  Julia VanderMolen, CHES®, Michigan; and Hillary Bryan, CHES®, Utah

Student or Non-certified Category

1st Place: Ebony LaBoy, Georgia

Runner's Up: Kieyanna Fisher, Arkansas; and Alison Yelsma, Michigan

Alicia Carranza’s winning entry in the CHES® category was intended to encourage CHES® and MCHES® professionals to maintain their credential and provide tips for making the process simple. “The infographic highlights the value in the credential and there are links embedded into the document to facilitate ease of access to resources and additional information for credentialed individuals,” said Alicia. “This will hopefully make it easy for credentialed professionals to identify what they need to do to maintain their credential and provide simple actionable steps to accomplishing those requirements.”

See Alicia’s entry below:

Ebony LaBoy’s winning entry in the Student/Non-CHES category was entitled 5 Things Your CHES Application Should Include.  According to Ebony, “This infographic was designed to help draw the attention of visuals learners in the Public Health field. It contains brief and concise information on what to look for in your application prior to submitting it.”

See Ebony’s entry below:

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