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Last Paper-based CHES®/MCHES® Exam Administration: April 2018

There's one remaining opportunity to sit for the CHES® or MCHES® examination while still in paper-based format at our current University test site locations. Make sure to let your students and colleagues know about the upcoming change to computer-based testing! 

Register here for the April 2018 Paper-based exam.

CBT Transition

The transition to a computer-based testing format will occur beginning with the next registration cycle that opens on May 1, 2018. Eligible exam candidates will be able to utilize professional, secure, technology-enabled testing centers across the United States, as well as some locations abroad. Candidates will also benefit from an expanded range of testing dates and locations, as well as instant pass/fail results for the CHES examination.

Learn more about the benefits of CBT testing here.

Exam eligibility will continue to be determined through the NCHEC office. 

For more information on exam eligibility, click here.
Posted by Jessica Wessner at 12:24

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