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NCHEC’s 2019 Infographic Contest: Winners Announced

The results of the second annual Infographic Contest have recently been announced by NCHEC’s Marketing Committee. Entries in two categories; Certified and Non-certified (Student), were judged based on whether the design was compelling and sharable, clearly communicated an idea or concept, and on whether the infographic would be of value to certified individuals, or those considering certification in the future. 

“The ability of a Certified Health Education Specialist to design and visually present health information that is persuasive and clearly communicated is an essential Competency in health education and promotion. Infographics and digital media are important tools in delivering this messaging,” said Beth Chaney, Ph.D., MCHES®, Marketing Committee Chair.

Winners received a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and runners-up received a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

Without further ado, here are the 2019 Infographic Contest results:

Certified Category (CHES® or MCHES®)

  • Winner:  Claudia Miriello, Pennsylvania
  • Runner-Up:  Brittany Smith, New York

Non-certified Category (Student)

  • Winner:  Nancy Becker, Pennsylvania
  • Runner-Up:  Allison Loyola, Brigham Young University

See the winning infographic below (Certified Category):































See the winning infographic below (Non-Certified Category):































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