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New Contest Open: Infographic 2018

Do you like to design visuals and graphics? Are you enthusiastic about certification and the profession of health education and promotion? 

Whether you are a student pursuing a degree, or a professional in the workforce, participate in this fun new contest to win Amazon giftcard prizes and online recognition for your original design!

  • Category I:  Certified as CHES or MCHES
  • Category II: Student or aspiring Health Education professional

Below are the requirements for the infographic submissions:

  • Infographics must be submitted in pdf or jpeg format through email with “Infographic Contest Submission” in the subject line to by December 31st.
  • Include a short written summary of what your infographic accomplishes (body of your email is acceptable)
  • Include any and all references/citations/sources used in your infographic
  • Sign an agreement stating NCHEC owns the copyright, can publish the infographic on its Web site and/or social media outlets, and use in future outreach strategies
  • One entry per individual
  • All entries must be orginal work created by the entrant; images must have copyright permission/use permission
  • Entries must be submitted by the December 31st deadline
To help stimulate ideas, consider these themes/ideas (not required):
  • Steps to Becoming CHES® or MCHES® Certified
  • Why I Chose CHES® or MCHES® Certification
  • What Being CHES® or MCHES® Means to Me
  • How I Prepared for My CHES® or MCHES® Exam – and Passed!
  • Ways for CHES®/MCHES® to Network
  • How I Found my CHES® or MCHES® Job Opportunity!
Student Category theme/idea suggestions:
  • Why I Want to Become CHES® or MCHES® certified
  • How CHES® or MCHES® certification can help during a job interview
  • My career strategy (include CHES® or MCHES® certification)

Useful tools:

  • Free infographic creator:
  • Royalty-free images:

Contact Jess Wessner at with any questions

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