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New for 2016! eBook Format for Textbooks

New for 2016! eBook Format for NCHEC Publications  

You asked for digital format… so here it is!   The Health Education Specialist: A Companion Guide for Professional Excellence 7th edition, and A Competency-Based Framework for Health Educators, as now released in eBook format (new editions only).    The eBook version offers students, faculty, and industry professionals the opportunity to utilize NCHEC study materials on whatever device they choose – without the added weight of a textbook. 

“The eBook versions are offered at a discounted price, are immediately downloadable, and they eliminate the problem of toting a heavy manual around,” said Jessica Wessner, project coordinator.  “They also provide the ability to highlight and bookmark material and adjust font size according to preference.” And if you own several devices, the eBook purchase price covers several downloads. So study away, wherever you are most comfortable!   

The new eBook format has been anticipated by students and professors who have become familiar with the usage of digital textbooks in their classrooms and study regimens. At the recent APHA conference in Chicago, Illinois, NCHEC staffers noticed that interest in the eBook version was significantly on the rise.  “The Companion Guide has been an important resource for exam candidates, as well as for existing practitioners,” said Linda Lysoby, NCHEC Executive Director. “We are happy to meet the request for this electronic format.” 

Note: The recently published 2015 textbooks contain revised Responsibilities, Competencies, and Sub-competencies from the latest Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) model, and reflect the changes in the MCHES exam (April 2016) and the CHES exam (October 2016).    

Both publications are currently available for purchase on the NCHEC website.
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