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Release of National Health Education Standards – 3rd Edition

August 31, 2022 – WHITEHALL, PA – As one of the six collaborative partners of the National Consensus for School Health Education group, the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC), is pleased to release the “National Health Education Standards – 3rd Edition – Model Guidance for School Curriculum and Instruction.” 

The 2022 Standards build on the legacy of the original 1995 National Health Education Standards and their revision in 2007. Several national organizations and numerous health education professionals who participated in the original development and revision processes served as National Consensus leaders during the 2021-2022 revision process.

“NCHEC welcomed the opportunity to partner with other national health education organizations on this essential work to revise the school health standards," said NCHEC Board of Commissioners Chair, Carolyn Rodgers. “The revised standards are a valuable resource for various organizations with an emphasis on school health.”

This resource is intended for state agencies, school districts, curriculum directors, university teacher preparation programs, and textbook and curriculum developers interested in quality school health education. It was prepared by an expert group of national school health education experts who have significant experience with standards development, curriculum development, classroom teaching, and university preparation programs, including experience with leading other successful national- and state-level standards development processes.

The new Standards were developed through a rigorous review process. The initial draft was reviewed by over 50 national leaders in the field of school health education throughout the United States. A health education field review of a subsequent draft yielded comments from over 500 stakeholders including over 200 health educators. Health education experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided technical expertise during the review process.

"In addition to the School Health Standards, NCHEC routinely revises the Areas of Responsibility, Competencies, and Sub-competencies, which are the standards for the Health Education profession and the certification exams. Therefore, NCHEC understands very well the importance of this consensus project,” said Linda Lysoby, NCHEC Executive Director. “We appreciated the opportunity to work with this collaborative group and additionally recommend Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES®) with school health expertise to assist with this project.”

In the United States, local school districts and state education agencies have the authority to develop their own standards for health education curriculum and instruction. The Consensus respects those responsibilities. Consensus materials are model guidance for local school district and state education agency consideration that is based on the best contemporary evidence and practice from the field of health education. The National Consensus encourages modifications to address local needs.

The National Consensus is committed to providing all materials it develops to the field at no charge and with open permission to use (with attribution). The 2022 Standards and other National Consensus development processes follow the Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession.

For more information about the Standards, their development, or the National Consensus, please visit

The National Consensus for School Health Education

· American School Health Association

· Eta Sigma Gamma

· Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education

· National Commission for Health Education Credentialing

· Society for Public Health Education

· Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education

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