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Should I Prescreen for Eligibility?

You've heard of the prescreen option...but do you really need to?  Here's the scoop on the difference between a prescreen and a traditional application, and why a prescreen may be the right place to start.

Prescreen vs. Application

prescreen application is often used in place of a regular application, if you are in any way unsure of coursework eligibility.  In fact, there are several benefits to using the prescreen service that you may not be aware of: 

  • You will not need to resubmit an additional application if you are eligible. You simply log back into the account you create, and complete the exam payment and select a test site location.
  • Prescreen applications receive priority during the review process - so your results will be received within about 2 weeks or less. Traditional applications may take longer.
  • If you are not currently eligible, you will learn exactly how many credits you are missing, as well as sample course titles to help you select additional classes. You can pick up these credits online if you wish.
  • The cost of the prescreen ($25) is subtracted off of your application fee if you are eligible, so you will not end up paying more than the cost of original exam fee.  You will not have to pay the full exam fee until after you know that you are eligible.

The date of your prescreen application will be considered your exam application date, so you will not incur a higher exam fee due to a deadline cutoff.

You can apply for a prescreen review online here. Make sure to click the "New Prescreen Applicants" option.

Posted by Jessica Wessner at 6:00 AM
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7/13/2017 at 10:14 AM by Ann G

FYI The prescreen application has expired (Feb 2017). I would like to take the CHES exam in the winter of 2017 or spring 2018. I am completing a doctorate in occupational science, and have taught many health science courses. I would like to discuss eligibility requirements with someone please.

7/24/2017 at 08:39 AM by Noorain

Like Ann, I am also interested in finding out my eligibility but the application deadline has passed, I have completed my MPH in Dec. 2014, please advise me as to how I can find out my eligibility, thanks!

7/25/2017 at 04:33 PM by Grace V

I would like to take the exam in October and would like to use the prescreen option.

7/31/2017 at 10:05 AM by Jessica Wessner

You can still submit a prescreen online here: (deadline is August 1st though, so hurry!) select the 4th option

8/15/2017 at 09:36 AM by Gabrielle

Hello, I am interested in a prescreen application. I have a B.S. in Public Health. Thank you!

9/5/2017 at 10:02 AM by Christi

I am interested in the prescreening option, but missed the August deadline. When will the next prescreening applications be available and when is the deadline to submit?

9/12/2017 at 07:14 AM by Jessica Wessner

The next prescreen window will open on November 1st!

2/10/2018 at 11:40 AM by Subhi Abugosh

When I click on the prescreen application link above, it takes me to a page that says "not found" or something. How and when can I apply for the prescreen application?

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