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We Need Your Professional Input on Health Education Terminology

NCHEC is requesting professional input from practicing Certified Health Education Specialists to help define terms that are relevant and necessary within our profession. We hope that you have a few moments to take the 2020 survey from the Joint Committee on Health Education Terminology appointed by the Coalition of the National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO).

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Read more about this essential survey below:

Every ten years, representatives of the health education/promotion associations engage in the task of defining terms that are key to our work. Having well defined and widely accepted essential terms help health education and promotion professionals communicate accurately with one another and with those outside the profession.

The 2020 Health Education Terminology Committee, appointed by the Coalition of the National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO) is requesting the involvement of all health education specialists. We are seeking a review and update of the current list of health education/promotion terms. The list is comprised of terms from the 2011 Health Education Terminology Report along with additional terms identified by professional association representatives.

If you agree to participate, you are asked to review the terms in the survey, along with their accompanying definitions to decide if each term should remain for inclusion in the 2020 edition of the Health Education Terminology Report or if it should be removed or modified.

By clicking on the 2020 Health Education Terminology Survey link below, you are agreeing to voluntarily participate in the review process.

Thank you for your support, Dixie Dennis & Donna Videto Co-Chairs of the 2020 Terminology Committee. If you have any additional questions regarding your involvement, you may contact Donna Videto at


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