Policies and Procedures Handbook

The purpose of professional certification is to ensure a high level of competence in the health education workforce. Maintenance of this competence is supported by continued training in the knowledge and methods of the field. After initial certification, each CHES®/MCHES® must earn a total of 75 Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) every five years to be recertified.

The CHES®/MCHES® credential must be renewed every year by payment of an annual fee. Recertification takes place every five years. Requirements for recertification include the accrual of Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) and payment of the annual fee. Renewal and recertification materials are distributed to CHES®/MCHES® four to six weeks before the renewal or recertification date. A transcript of CECH accumulated during the current five-year certification cycle is available at any time on the NCHEC website.  All CHES®/MCHES® must complete five CECH of a "Continuing Competency Assessment," either through a work performance assessment by a supervisor/client; OR via an end-of-course learning assessment by a designated provider of continuing education as part of these 75 credits.

The Policy and Procedures Handbook for Renewal and Recertification was updated on 12-12-2022. This document is available for download and provides details of the recertification requirements, including Continuing Competency requirements. You can also visit nchec.org/continuing-competency for more information. 

Policies and Procedures Handbook for Renewal and Recertification

See Acceptable Use of Credential for information on how to use your designation in documents, resumes, signature lines, and web pages.

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