Strategic Plan

NCHEC Strategic Plan

The NCHEC Strategic Plan guides the activities of the organization. The Board of Commissioners adopted a 3 Year Strategic Plan which included 4 goals and 10 objectives, which will guide operations from January 1 2020, through December 31, 2022. Specific activities and tasks have been assigned to the NCHEC Board of Commissioners, Division Boards, the Marketing Committee, the Executive Director, and NCHEC staff.

Goal #1: Expand the reach of the NCHEC credentialing programs.

Objective1.1  Acquire at least four (4) new partners that encourage/promote the CHES® and MCHES® certifications to members and/or employers. 

Objective 1.2  Strengthen connections with the military through three (3) initiatives to expand the reach of NCHEC certifications. 

Goal #2: Increase recognition of the value of CHES® and MCHES® certification.

Objective 2.1 Build a stronger employer recognition by increasing the number of employers that require certification.

Objective 2.2 Implement three (3) initiatives promoting reimbursement for Health Education services.

Objective 2.3 Identify five (5) research projects to enhance the health education profession.

Goal #3: Enhance and support the quality of NCHEC’s certification program.

Objective 3.1 Increase the number of professional preparation programs that subscribe to and align with NCHEC competencies by 10%.

Objective 3.2 Increase the number of faculty in professional preparation programs that are certified.

Objective 3.3 Increase the number of providers that offer continuing competence credits by 50%.

Goal #4:  Strengthen NCHEC infrastructure required to accomplish its vision and mission.

Objective 4.1 Increase professional diversity in the representation on NCHEC volunteer boards.

Objective 4.2 Increase diversity among the CHES® and MCHES® workforce.


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