The following resources are provided for students interested in CHES® or MCHES®. Included below are study resources, application information, eligibility requirements, and currently active test preparation courses.

Publications and Study Guides

Use our textbooks to study for the CHES®/MCHES® exam or add to your professional reference library.

Browse CHES® Study Materials

Browse MCHES® Study Materials

Application Resources

For students interesting in taking the examinations for either the CHES® and MCHES®, we have assembled the following resources to assist you through the application process:


CHES® Eligibility Guide

Learn more about the requirements for taking the CHES® examination

MCHES® Eligibility Guide

Learn more about the requirements for taking the MCHES® examination

Should I Prescreen for Eligibility?

A prescreen application is often used in place of a regular application, if you are in any way unsure of coursework eligibility. The following guide explains the difference between a prescreen and a traditional application, and why a prescreen may be the right place to start.

Learn more about the prescreen option.

Advisor Letter: How-to Guide

If you are registering for the CHES examination as a full-time student, an advisor letter must be submitted at some point during the application process.

Learn more about our requirements for advisor letters.

Study Groups and Online Preparation Courses

For students interested in preparing for exams in a classroom or group setting, NCHEC maintains a directory of currently active CHES® study groups and online preparation courses.

Find a Study Group


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