Tulsa Health Department

Tulsa Health Department

The Tulsa Health Department avidly seeks CHES® eligible applicants when hiring and/or recruiting – our agency views this as a benefit that enhances our public health workforce. By hiring CHES® certified applicants, THD is able to take advantage of the rich expertise of these individuals that have a greater understanding and skill set with relation to health education and promotion and a broader understanding of the community. Enhancing our public health workforce with Certified Health Education Specialists also provides our organization with credibility.

Pam Rask, MPH, Division Chief, Health Promotion & Community Engagement



The CHES certification signifies that an educator has an advanced knowledge of education techniques and experience.  We find that CHES prepared educators are well-rounded and they bring a different perspective to program design and information delivery.  In the health education space, this is an important credential that we value.

Terrina Thomas, Director of Community Health and Prevention



Montefiore has required the CHES credential for its health education positions since 2006.  The credential has served as a means of highlighting talented individuals with a broad understanding of the health education profession and its application within the diverse communities that we serve as an academic medical center.

Dr. Nicole Harris-Hollingsworth, Assistant Vice President, Community & Population Health

Health Teacher

Health Teacher

When recruiting new employees, we give preference to candidates who have earned their CHES® certification. We believe the CHES® certification demonstrates to our partners and users, that an individual has made a personal commitment to advancing health and well-being of others by attaining a deep knowledge and ongoing professional development related to the field of health education. In addition, we support our current staff in their pursuit of achieving CHES® certification.

Health Fitness

Health Fitness

We look for individuals with the CHES® designation because it represents a consistent foundation of knowledge plus a commitment to on-going education. In program development we need people who can apply theory into practice and create programs that support behavior change. With CHES®, we feel confident we’ll get that skill set.

Live Healthier


LiveHealthier’s standard of employing Certified Health Education Specialists has been an essential principle in developing our success as a company, and creating business with fortune 100 clients, and our exponential company growth.

As the CEO of an agency that employs numerous health educators, the CHES®/MCHES® designation is certainly something that is important to us. The certification indicates a mastery of core health competencies and a commitment to continuing education – both important characteristics in the employee recruitment process.

Forrest L. Alton, CEO, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

I have found in hiring a community educator who is CHES® certified that the individual has a greater scope of practice and skills, a broader view of the community and is not limited to just writing curriculum but can create and evaluate education programs, determine appropriate material for multiple age groups, and serve in an advisory capacity for the organization.

Nancy Whyte, Director Community Education, Senior & Volunteer Services at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

We looked for a professional who held the MCHES® designation to fill the new position of Director of Prevention Strategies. That decision was driven by our certainty that success would depend upon finding an individual with the advanced knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully champion our new vision for health promotion, create a campus-wide agenda to advance student health through prevention, and develop and implement a high-level strategic plan. I am pleased to report that our process enabled us to appoint an outstanding professional.

John Smeaton, PhD, Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Lehigh University

At University of Texas at San Antonio, our Health Education Coordinators provide individual and large-scale health education opportunities for our student body. Collaborating with CHES®/MCHES® certified health educators, our students receive programming and information from professionals that have demonstrated an expertise in the core competencies essential to effective health education.

Amanda Graves, CHES®, Health Education Coordinator at the University of Texas at San Antonio

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