Why Employ a CHES® or MCHES® Health Education Specialist?

Build a Better Team: Hire CHES® or MCHES®

Finding the best and brightest health education specialists for your team is challenging. You need motivated professionals with proven knowledge and skills to help your team measure up in a changing healthcare environment.

NCHEC certifications are the gold standard among healthcare professionals. Building a team of CHES® or MCHES® certified employees can improve the quality of care and support your clinic or organization is able to provide.


“We find that CHES® prepared educators are well-rounded and they bring a different perspective to program design and information delivery. In the health education space, this is an important credential that we value.”
― Terrina Thomas, Director of Community Health and Prevention at Sentara Healthcare

Credentialing Excellence in Health Education and Promotion

The CHES® and MCHES® certifications create a national and international standard for specialists practicing at both entry and advanced levels.

CHES® and MCHES® are:

  • Independent Critical Thinkers
  • Highly qualified and confident on the Job
  • Up-to-Date in Knowledge and Expertise
  • Committed to the Profession


CHES® exam content covers the Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Education Specialists essential to the entry-level practice and delivery of health education and promotion. MCHES® exam content focuses on advanced skills to demonstrate leadership. Specifically, the MCHES® credential is hierarchal, meaning that MCHES® certified professionals are competent in all entry-level CHES® skills in addition to more advanced-level skills.


“The CHES® credential is a requirement for all of our health education positions since 2006.”
― N. Harris-Hollingsworth, Montefiore Health System


Job Settings for CHES® and MCHES® 

CHES® and MCHES® certified healthcare professionals are employed by a variety of organizations and government agencies. A few of the sectors that build their teams around CHES® and MCHES® certified employees include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities
  • Community Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Schools


Nearly 90% of certified professionals feel that their CHES® or MCHES® designation shows a strong commitment to their industry and fulfills a sense of personal achievement.


Make the investment in your employees today by encouraging the CHES® and MCHES® certification. You'll see a return on this investment in the form of knowledge, cutting-edge skills, and the very best the industry has to offer. Visit www.nchec.org and learn more about how certification builds better teams.


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