Why I Love My Career in Health Education


Why I Love My Career in Health Education

Hear from Certified Health Education Specialists on why they love their careers in health education.

What do you enjoy about your work?


“I'm definitely a boots-on-the-ground type of person. I love making connections with individuals and just being able to personally assist when it comes to certain concerns that a person has if it's with health education and promotion. I was in the Peace Corps before my current role, and I actually had a chance to do that very same thing -  to create grassroots programs and things along those lines.” - Gigi Holder, CHES®, MS Thrive


“On the research side, I think because it is community-based participatory research, there’s just a human connection. That what's most impactful to me. I would like to touch the masses, but if I touch just one person, I think I've done a good enough job.” - Antonio Gardner, CHES®, Mississippi State University


“The reason I like public health education is that education is a social determinant of health, and training people in public health and training other public health educators, I see it as a way to kind of get at the social determinants and make an impact there.” - Rianne Yassine, CHES®, Cherokee Nation Assurance, CDC


“For me I am fulfilled knowing that they are appreciative of the services and resources that we have to offer with my company. I'm fulfilled knowing that they are empowered to take care of their own health and improve their own health status.” - Brittny Bratcher-Rasmus, CHES®, KEPRO - Outreach Specialist


“A fulfilling part of my job is just seeing how it impacts people's lives and seeing the interest that develops from finding out about something new or learning about something new or maybe rediscovering something that hasn't been on your radar for years.” - Kara Hughes, CHES®, BJC HealthCare


“I'm in a room full of passionate people not only working together but we're also working together to create a unified message, and so that's really the part that I enjoy most is connecting with those people and allowing them to not only teach others but learn themselves as well.” - Derrick Fritz, CHES®, Taylor County Drug Opposition Partners Program

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